How can we improve WooCommerce?

make the native point of sales (POS) for woocommerce, created and developed by WooThemes

WooThemes team may provide an opportunity for other developers to develop some sort of plugin for it. yeah it does not anything ,,

but try to think about it again ,,

today many traders who previously traded offline and they want to start selling online. most of them are familiar with the use of a wide range of point of sales software or machinery. and they will be looking for a platform or software or framework or something to start selling online.

Okay, they will directly elect woocommerce as their e-commerce platform. but this would have happened if woocommerce has WOOPOS their own. they need a one-stop solution in one place. ooooh please create POS orignal version of WooThemes ,,,,,

and vice versa there are many traders who sell online initially greatly facilitated at the start of their business (currently online merchants very much, because it is easy and cheap enough to start a business online) and the traders who start an online business, they also try sell offline which will certainly require a POS that can be integrated with their website in realtime. and again ooooh please, make POS orignal version of WooThemes ,,,,,

Imagine if WooThemes instantly create their own POS, I, and I am sure many others who also want this, it would be very easy to integrate our website with this POS.

point of sales (POS) aka what it takes ??

1. can be integrated with the website, realtime stock data integration
2. be able to work while offline, because any time a connection can be stopped right
3. hmmmmmmm there are a lot of the well ,,, come on let's imagine hahahahah

in the end ,,, ooooh please, make POS orignal version of WooThemes ,,,,,

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