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Price and Availability Alert

I have been receiving phone calls and emails with people that want to know when a specific product that I sell goes on sale or is in discount.

There should be a way to do this automatically!

I'm quite sure that like these there are other tons of consumers that would like to "follow" my items and be notified of price changes. ANd price is not the onlye issue: I believe notifying about availability is key, as sometimes I have products that are out of stock and if someone is interested they have to e-mail me asking for me to get in touch with them once the product is back in stock. Only people that are REALLY interested in my products do this. There should be a way for people to easily "opt-in" for being notified on price changes/availability of my products.

In fact, I have found a tool that does exactly this as inspiration:
However, it is not available on Woothemes. It is on the Wordpress plugins marketplace:

I want that tool to exist on Woothemes!

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  • Raviraj commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi James,

    I think David means that followprice is not native woocommerce plugin. It requires third party (followprice) service to use. He seems to be interested in native plugin or feature.

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