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Dynamic Pricing: Display Discount Table for Products

It would be helpful to be able to check a box to show a discount table for products, so that customers know what discounts they could get if they add a certain number of products to their cart. For example, if I have a 7% discount setup for 3-5 of one product, 10% off 6-19, and 20% off 11+, it would be nice to show the quantities, % discount at each level, and the final discounted price. Like this -

There is a plugin on CodeCanyon that displays a table already for WooCommerce discount rules - ...I prefer to go with official Woo extensions, so it would be nice if Dynamic Pricing would "catch up" and add this feature.

I recently hired someone from Upwork to make this happen because it's not built into Dynamic pricing (resulting in the screenshot above). It even works with variations so that when a differently priced variation is selected, the discount table updates the final discounted prices. It would be great if this was built into Dynamic Pricing for everyone's benefit. Thanks :)

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  • Lucas Stark commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    On first glance it seems straight forward, however due to the extreme flexible nature of how rules can be created it starts to get complicated very quickly:

    How would you show:
    Order Totals
    Advanced Category Rules where the source categories are different from the target categories?
    Advanced Product Rules where quantity is based on categories in the cart?
    Advanced Product Rules that apply to specific variations

    Rules that combine, such as 10% discount for all members and additional 10% a category?
    Rules such as 10% discount on Hats when 2 more more T-Shirts are purchased?

    These situations require a human to determine exactly what they want to display, on which products, at which time. This is why there is another extension called, Conditional Content, which allows you to add manually created pricing tables and other advertisements based on exact conditions you define.

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