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Ability for Customers to Reply to Order Notes

I've found it quite frustrating that there is no way for customers to reply to Order Notes that are added by the shop manager, and shared with the customer.

Currently in my shop (where we sell many custom orders) customers must email customer service, and then the information is placed into the order. If the ability was there for customers to reply to the notes that are place on their order by the shop manager, our shop would run much smoother. We would have a straight "paper trail" of all information passed between the customer and us about a specific order. I have looked all over for an extension that allows this, and I have not been able to find one. I think it would be an extremely helpful addition!

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  • Jon commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'll cancel my separate request having found this one..

    It should definitely be possible for a Customer to add a comment after an order is placed, eg to request modification/cancellation, updated delivery instruction, request status update, reply to note added by shop etc etc.

    This should be relatively straightforward and out-of-the-box, since post comments is a wordpress native feature and and order is a post.

    Is there some reason the ability for User to comment on their Order is disabled out-of-the-box?

    This is after checkout, don't reply commenting on the availability of Checkout customization options, this is about adding a message etc after order is placed.

    There are a few out-of-date plugins which attempt to address but somewhat partially or out of date, eg:

  • Arlene commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If order/customer notes can be used to send updates to customer, can customers send messages back?
    For example, in the case of payments via direct bank transfer, I was wondering if the customer can send a message to say that they were able to deposit payment on this date/time at this bank/branch, etc. for this particular order.

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