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Include a MSRP and Our Price in Lightspeed POS sync.

Include a MSRP and "Our Price" from Lightspeed POS to WooCommerce Store. Currently it only imports Default price. It seems as this would be a pretty easy update as there are multiple fields under pricing in each item listing. Original prices could reflect what is in the MSRP field and current price could be what is another price field such as default or web store. I would like to see it as an option that are only displayed if there is a different dollar value in the fields. For example: If default is the same as MSRP both are not shown but if default is different you see Original price: $15.99 Our price $9.99.

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  • conschneider commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi there,

    Just thinking out loud here:
    WooCommerce only has a regular and sale price field.
    So we would have to pull that value and save it elsewhere, a custom field for example.

    The plugin would than have to compare MSRP and Default Price, and filter / modify the WooCommerce price string if there is a mismatch, meaning MSRP ≠ Default price to output something like: "Original price: $15.99 Our price $9.99."

    Did I understand that correctly?

    Hoping that I have: We are discussing this at the moment. I ll update here as soon as we have something.

    Kind regards,

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