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Additional User Profile Fields

I have a use case where I would like to offer a Membership and collect additional user/customer meta data along with the purchase of the membership. This additional information is specific to the membership and is not user/customer meta data that I want to collect with other memberships.

To make this request more concrete, the general use case is for a "volunteer" membership in an organization with other paid memberships. When a user "purchases" the volunteer membership we would like to collect additional information such as:

1) area of the organization where the user would like to volunteer (checkboxes)
2) whether the user holds any appropriate credentials (checkboxes)
3) shirt size (radio button)
4) etc.

WooCommerce already implements several custom user meta field for billing/shipping information and this would be very similar. The hard part would be implementing the interface to define the custom user meta fields.

May I suggest that you look to Meta Box User Meta integration (


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