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Select Multiple Products Per Component

Currently if you have individual products or product categories populating a component, only a single product per component can be selected. To select more than one per component you have to make product bundles, this creates a myriad of problems;

- You are unable to sort products via their attributes making it hard to navigate
- You can not put a bundled product inside of a bundle meaning that if you have a lot of customization's / product inputs you'll end up with a ton of components and a very large page, the same goes for grouped products
- If you have the component pre-selected it shows up in the customers cart even if you have not selected any products in the bundle
- The customer is unable to edit bundles or products in bundles in the cart

We operate a fairly successful custom gift basket business and just switched to composite products to get away from gravity forms. It has a toe of features we love but these few little things are holding it back from being great.

Thanks in advance

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  • Nadia commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes, we agree that it is quite frustrating. We compared product bundles and composite products for quite some time because of this issue. Composite Products fits our requirements better, but agree that when you can't select more than one product per group its annoying.

    What is you have for example a base product as a "dress" and want to offer accessories to go with it such as "hats", "bags", "jacket", but you can only choose one from each category. What is you like two different hats?? Sure you can manually go and add the other hat as a separate product to your cart, but why should you have to when you can already see it as an accessory / composite product to select. :-(

  • Zach Lanich commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    +1 for this. My example of why I would have been able to use WooCommerce Composite Products for my last project, had this been a feature, is as follows:

    1. Need to build a "Wiring Harness Configurator" product
    2. Each Harness has a variable number of wires in it (this is the relevant need)
    3. Each wire has up to 2 connectors, so the wires themselves would be composites, and I'd use Scenarios to limit connector choices to only those compatible with the wire type they chose (which is my other challenge - see

    Because we have to define a fixed number of Components, it doesn't allow us to add a variable number of "wires" to the harness product.

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