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Option to NOT scale composite product quantities with the main product quantity

Please add a check box to each sub component of a composite product to allow it to NOT scale with the main product quantity.

Right now the composite product assumes that the additional products are needed for EVERY base product... For instance you need that chosen logo on EVERY shirt you ordered.

However, if you are selling a customizable product this may not be the case. For instance, let's pretend I am selling the service of repainting an entire room. My customer would sort through hundreds of color options, make a choice of Hot Pink and select 100square feet of painting...

The composite product option would then ask them to select 1 of 20 baseboard options of which they would need a quantity of 30 lineal feet.

Add one door, plus 2 windows... etc..

Unfortunately, the composite product will assume that the 30 feet, 1 door and 2 windows are needed for EACH sq.ft of paint and add 3000ft of baseboard, 100 doors, and 200 windows...

I could get around this by creating a SKU call "custom room" and the first product would be paint. However, in my real life case my customer are selecting from over a thousand potential options, which is far too complex to add as a subcomponent of a "custom room" SKU.

I would like my customer after sorting and filtering many attributes and categories to simply select their choice and then have the option to configure their custom product.

By adding a checkbox for each sub item in the composite product to disable quantity scaling, you could do extremely powerful custom configurations of products. The add-in is soooo close to being perfect for this. Please add if possible.

Thank you!

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