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Zero Rate VAT sent to Xero

Currently products that are marked as 'Zero Rate VAT' in WooCommerce show as 'No VAT' or 'Tax on Sales' in Xero, which results in incorrect VAT returns. This is bad news for businesses that have Zero Rate VAT products configured.

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  • Hans commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have the same issue with NZ GST. This affects the information passed to Inland Revenue Department (IRD) for the GST return, so it really needs to be corrected (returns submitted to the IRD must be accurate).

    My current workaround is to do a search & modify before filing the GST return, but that's very unsatisfactory.

    Jon's fix is interesting, but your own modifications get overwritten every time there's an official update. Hence, it really needs a proper fix.

  • Jon Norman commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    this is a bug which doesn't seem too high on the priority list!!

    you can fix your self by editing woocommerce-xero\includes\class-wc-xr-line-item.php

    change lines 210 - 215 to reflect this:

    // Is this item tax exempt? Tax exempt Xero tax types vary by country
    if ( $this->get_tax_amount() <= 0 ) {
    $tax_type = 'ZERORATEDOUTPUT';
    $logger->write( " - Item has zero tax. Returning tax (exempt) type ($tax_type)" );
    return $tax_type;

    where 'ZERORATEDOUTPUT' is the tax class you want zero-rated items to have applied.

    See the dev docs for more info

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