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I've got a request for a solution or a new theme:
I have video-workshops that I want to sell online in a protected environment, but still haven't found an ideal solution.
Here are some features that I'm looking for:
- Custom register/login/profile section
- A video can be purchased once with the video listed in a "purchased digital products" page with a pre-determined lifetime.
- Live streaming events can be bought and access granted to a specific page for a determined amount of time, where the player (e.g. Livestream) is embedded.
- The video can be hosted on Amazon S3 server, with encrypted url location so no one can find the video and download it (something like what the EZS3 service provides)
- Easy paypal one or two step purchasing
- A really nice video player
A theme with this functionality either built in or using plugins would solve all my problems. Is there any solution someone could suggest? I can think of a lot of people who could use such a theme to sell their video workshops.
I particularly like the Whitelight eCommerce theme and would love to use it for this application.

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