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imagine giving a business the ability to circumvent excessive costs like Netsuite or by giving each business owner/site administrator the ability to track the following:

1. Customer Statuses:
a. Leads gained through the site or manually inputed into the CRM database. these are the people who have entered their email address and possibly registered for the site.

b. Opportunity tracking converted from leads whom have been issued a proposal, or who have added a wishlist item of sorts. These are people who have remained engaged with the site and have received a formal proposal from the company or have shown an active interest in a particular product on the site by adding to a wish list.

c. Projects. Obviously this status is reserved for those opportunities that have submitted some form of consideration to do business with you company.

2. Calendar & Events
a. Customers/Participants - this should be selectable from the list of users/clients on the site

b. Location - this may possibly be integrated to Google Maps

c. Description/Agenda

d. Meeting Minutes

3. Tasks
a. Assigned to - this should bring up a list of back end users of the site that would be allowed to access the CRM functions. this could even be reserved for a mobile app to be used by the company's reps.

b. Subject of the Task
c. Due Date
d. Progress
e. Description & Task Requirements
f. Client info
g. Project Info

4. Customer Support Notes
a. Support Notes - this should reallly be a tab within the customer or website registered user menu itself, along with the Customer Statuses information.

5. Customer Transaction History
6. any other crm info anyone might find useful

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  • JulesM commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would be more than willing to pay for an extension that allows users to be both sellers and buyers. Users who act solely as buyers would be able to make deposits into their accounts and buy digital goods with that credit.

    Users who act solely as sellers, would be able to accumulate money in their accounts, and cash out weekly/monthly or based on amount earned.

    Users who act as both buyers and sellers would be able to purchase products using nothing more than their account balance whether it comes from sales or from cash deposits.

  • CyberAP commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Allow admin to view all the customers as a list with all their purchases (it may be a digit).

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