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Photographer Mass upload and Ecommerce

An Ecommerce theme targeted to Photographers that deal with mass amounts of images.

This theme would require a few specialized features. First a way to mass upload images with proper category information and have each image become a product. This is use full for event photographers that take thousands of images in a day and need to put them up for sale.

The second requirement is variations. A page where you can select the print sizes and specify prices, such as 8x10 for $20, 5x7 for $15 13x19 for 35 and so forth. When the images are added as products the price options are automatically included.

as for uploading the images with categories that could be handled with a folder structure inside a zip file.

Inside the Zip the folder structure would look something like this.

This person would create a folder structure for upload. For example ( > represents a sub folder)
The first Folder would be
Sporting Photography
>The type of Sport ( ie. Hockey)2
>The name of the given event ( ie. Toronto Tyke Championships)
>The next sub division (The day for multi day events, The Arena, or the Game)
> Another sub division (The Arena, or Game)
> The final level being the Game (depending on the event the Folder structure might not be this deep)
>Here goes the images for the Game

The File name of the images ca be used for the product name.

After this folder structure is created. The user can login to his wordpress Woo commerce theme.
Under the products menu there will be a mass product add option.

It would look similar to that of the normal product upload.
You use a file browser similar to adding images, however it lets you pick the folder structure for upload.
Each picture in the folders well be turned in to its own product, When this process is complete.
The real power is that the system will read the folder hierarchy and assign Product Categories based on the names of the folders to the images in the file path. It would also have to be smart enough to know if a category already exists and not recreate it with a new ID. This would allow for easy search ability and indexing on the front end.

Another major part is the price options. Since these would be Photographs for print.
you would need to be able to add multiple price options. ( ie. 8x10 for $20, 5x7 for $20, and so forth.)
and Package option would be great. such as 5x7 are only sold in sets or 2 ( as its a waste of paper otherwise)

A product description could be added and the system would include it on all the new products being added. This would llow a little text "Image from the Toronto Tyke Championships 2012"

The same would be for tags to help with searching.

Once all the information has been added the publish button can be pressed and the system uploads all the images. created the categories, adds pricing info and posts the products. this would be a very versatile system as it could be tailored to any event and the only major differences would be how deep the folder system would go and the names of the folders.

With a few extensions such as cloud zoom, and possibly one that displays products more like a gallery with quick navigation.
You have a system that allows photographers the ease of uploading many images at once. The Mass upload could be an extension that is sold separately and targeted at Photographers or its own theme.

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  • Lucas Stark commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is already well underway. The only difference between what we are building is that the products are the different sizes. You manage the galleries from a separate area, where you can add your images and choose what products are available for that gallery.

    The front end displays the images in a nice gallery view, and you can choose to click add to cart where you aware taken to a product selection page, or you can do it right from the gallery in a pop up that displays a larger view of the image and allows you to add to cart with out ever closing the popup window.

  • Cj commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes to all the above, I am a professional wedding photographer and have the same problem. It is currently taking me days to upload entire weddings as products to my site. Please inform me if this theme, or plugin ever becomes available.


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