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Making it easier to bulk-update orders with tracking info

I wanted to use Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import to bulk update multiple orders with tracking information.

This is what my Shipment Tracking meta box looked like after import:[740c390d373146c53e51a310b1cfa3d2]_Screen%20Shot%202018-04-10%20at%2012.44.00%20AM.png
The green was manually added from the admin while the red was imported

I was hoping that the two (red and greed) would match. It seems that the tracking ID, formatted provider name, and tracking URL are required to be included when importing. However, I think it would be too cumbersome for merchants using CSV Import to update tracking data in bulk to include all of the extra data, especially to generate a unique ID for every package.

Would it be possible to intelligently set all the missing but required data? I would suggest the method does the following:

* check the bare minimum data is provided (provider, tracking number, date shipped?)
* generate a tracking ID
* choose the default formatted provider name if one was not provided
* generate the default tracking URL using the tracking number if a URL was not provided.

Thanks ????

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