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Add Product Bundles support

Currently, if you order Product Bundle on the site, the inventory of all items included in the bundle is being managed nicely on the back end:

When an order is synced to ShipStation, only the parent product details are shown:

It will be great to be able to see the items that have been a part of the bundle shown on the order page in ShipStation which will also help with managing its inventory in ShipStation.

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  • SomewhereWarm commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Product Bundles allows you to configure a bundle as

    - assembled or
    - unassembled.

    Assembled Bundle = a single physical item that consists of multiple SKUs, for example a configurable PC that ships in one box.

    Unassembled Bundle = multiple SKUs sold together and shipped in their original boxes.

    If you are shipping a physically assembled kit, you need to:

    1. Ensure that the Virtual option is unchecked.
    2. Go to the Shipping tab and enter a Weight and Dimensions for the entire "package".
    3. Ensure that Shipped Individually is disabled for all bundled items.

    On the other hand, if you are shipping a unassembled kit (each item shipped in its own box), you need to:

    1. Tick the Virtual option.
    2. Ensure that Shipped Individually is enabled for all bundled items.

    For details, refer to

    - Assembled Bundles appear as a single line item in Shipstation, with their contents listed as options.
    - Unassembled Bundles appears as multiple line items, which is what you describe here.

    So it all comes down to how you've configured the shipping-related settings of your Bundle :)


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