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Improve the "add order" page in woo admin

The "Add Order" page is an excellent tool for people like me, who also sell products in their shops, by phone (...) and who want to manage their stocks and edit their invoices through the same tool.

But it's almost impossible to use as it is. Quantities updates seems not working, tax calculation are wrong in some cases, and products with attributes can only be added if you know the exact reference of each attribute.

I give you an exemple including those 3 problems :

- I want to sell 3 tee-shirts of the same model, but when I try to update the quantity, the final price won't change.

- Then, my tee-shirt cost 14 € incl. tax, and my VAT rate is 19,6% as I sell from France. The price shown without tax will be correct 11.71 €, but the tax calculation will be wrong (2.30 €). My Tee-Shirt will now cost 14.01 €

- And the most important point, the Tee-Shirt I need is a "Black / XL" one. If I don't know that Black / XL equal to an attribute like #12345, I won't be able to find it.

I really appriciate the great job you did with Woo and I thank you for that, but I really hope you'll consider this request and solve those issues.

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  • sion jones commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The whole of the add order admin area could do with being re designet for more usability.

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