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Difference between User and person in WC Smart Coupons / WC Booking

The scenario:

One website sells 2 products:

Product A = Gift product that autogenerates a coupon usable on Product B (reduction of 100% of the price)
Product B = Woocommerce booking product that people can use their coupon for.

When people buy 2 coupons or more, they receive the same number of coupons (autogenerated), usable on 1 product B, only 1 time, and by 1 user.

The issue is :
When someone books the product B for 2 people or more, that person only have to use 1 coupon and he gets 100% discount on the whole booking (2 persons), because the system condiserates him as the same user.
The second code will remain unused and he might be able to make a second booking for free later on, with the remaining coupon.

The option to limit the usage of one coupon to one PERSON (and not one USER) doesn't exist, and it would be awesome to have it.

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