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Continuity Program Management for Direct Response Marketers (Auto-Ship/Auto-Bill)

Marketers that offer a continuity program where a customer is enrolled in an auto ship program, need specialized tools for managing these programs and need to allow the customer to manage their own programs as well. Here are some features that would be extremely helpful in a plugin, or core functionality, to anyone offering this type of continuity program:

Self-Service customer management interface allowing the customer to :
1) Increase/decrease/add products to a continuity program
2) change the billing date of the program or the date their credit card is charged.
3) adjust the shipping date for the monthly recurring order or adjust just a single months date to coordinate the delivery time.
4) "Vacation" Pause option to allow a customer to PAUSE a shipment for a given period of time.
5) allow customer to extend the time between shipments to any interval. I.E. instead of every 30 days, customer can set delivery/billing option to every 43 days instead.
6) Give customer the ability to cancel the continuity and then provide a rules based incentive offer program to SAVE the customer and retain them in the program.
7) Allows the customer to change their method of payment in the continuity program, update credit card expiration dates, etc...
8) Allow a customer to invite their friends to join the program in exchange for a discount on the next months shipment upon successful enrollment by a friend.
9) Allow a customer to add a Gift Subscription and specify the number of months to send that gift subscription via continuity and then auto-end the subscription.
10) Provide buttons in the customer order confirmation page and the order confirmation email page that takes the customer to the self-service portal so they can manage all these functions.

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