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Product variation table with Add to Cart buttons along each variation

I suggest that woocommerce should have product variations in table form in loop of all variation attributes with add to cart button. It will provide easy shopping for online stores having products with many variations. For example

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    I really appreciate your efforts!

    I have tested this plugin but I hardly found out its documentation after searching long.

    Moreover, there isn't any Global option in this plugin and the wholesale stores have thousands of SKUs. No one has time to go to all products one by one and configure it.

    As you have mentioned in your docs about two buttons, one is for singular order and the second one is for Bulk order. I think by default both the attributes color and size should appear for a single color order and the optional button i.e Bulk Order should appear just below the attributes.

    I'm not a developer but have a good knowledge and experience of user behavior when they visit the website. Call to action knowledge behavior is more important while developing these type of plugins. You may also add "to set the position of a button like before add to cart, after add to cart etc.

    I'm not a developer but you are the one who really did the great work on this plugin. if you really want to grow your sell, just follow the link and get the idea what I'm trying to say:

    I hope you won't mind and accept my apologize. Thank you.

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