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Block / Blacklist Certain Bad Customers via IP, email, etc.

The problem:
I have a few customers who are crooks and buy items, have them delivered, them open disputes with Paypal, Amazon, and Credit Card companies and claim they never got the goods and they get their money back. Paypal is the worst because even with 100% proof using tracking numbers and delivery confirmation, they still tend to side on behalf of the buyer and pull money from my account. Not cool.

The Solution:
I'd love to see a plugin that would allow me to "Blacklist" or stop certain known bad-customers from being able to checkout and place new orders. Most of these orders are placed under a guest checkout so I see this blacklist function working via IP, customer name, shipping address, or email address that's attached to the orders.

Similar to how you can blacklist spam comments under the Setting>Discussion section using keywords,IP, email addresses, etc.

I'm amazed this feature is not already part of the system, but hopefully it can be a reality soon. Thanks for your vote!

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    We really need this too. This feature is readily available on the major marketplaces (Ebay, Amazon). But in order to maintain longterm fraud protection, we need this on our own sites also. I tried to see if there was a solution through Paypal also, but they have no control here either. IgniteWoo has a restricted category access plugin, but this does not seem to be the perfect tool for this task.

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