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Set new default variation when preset variation is out of stock

When I have a variable product where product variations have their own stock values, it would be ideal if variations that were out of stock would be displayed as such in the dropdown. The problem is that when I have 30 possible variations for a given product, it becomes a lot of work for the customer to click on every single variation to find out which are in stock and which are not.

* "Out of stock visibility" - unchecked.
* Backorders - disabled
* Out of stock notifications - yes
* Low stock notification - yes

1. If stock values were low or out of stock for a certain variation, this information would be displayed in the dropdown itself so customers can simply choose an in stock variation.
2. If the default variation selection is out of stock, another variation that is IN STOCK should be automatically populated.
3. Out of stock variations should be greyed out or strike through.
4. Low stock variations should show stock values if "low stock notification" - enabled.

Of course, if the "Out of/low stock notifications" options are set to "no", variations that are out of stock should simply be removed from the dropdown.

This applies to all stock variations and product types from Variable products, Product bundles, Composite products... etc.

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