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Be able To Send An Invoice To Client/ Invoice has a link to pay online with woo

I use woocomerce for my subscriptions, paypal being the payment option. I Still have to go to paypal to create invoices for services i've done for clients. It would be very cool if I could go to my site, create an invoice and send it to my client, client has the ability to click on a link to pay in invoice that redirects to my site and ability to pay invoice through checkout. Also stores the invoice in the users account page.

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  • Chris commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm looking for this exact functionality also. I like WooCommerce, and while there are a couple of "online invoice and payment" services out there (including PayPal) I haven't found a decent one yet that has a gateway to First Data's GGe4, which I need.

    What I would like to see is the PayPal-like invoicing function where an invoice could be created in WooCommerce, then sent to the client with an embedded Pay Online link that would take the client to an online payment page with the amount, invoice number, and other details from the invoice pre-populated, so that all the client needs to do is enter their credit card number, expiration, and CV2, and click "Submit". The system would send a Payment Received email to the client, and a Payment Notification email to me.

    One system I saw would let you create an Estimate first, which if the client accepted it could be turned into an Invoice in one click and sent to the client for payment online (all or a Deposit portion). The deal-breaker for me was that there was not a First Data gateway available, and I don't want to add a third parallel system (especially a subscription system) if I can avoid it.

    WooCommerce is great for online stores of configured items, but the custom-amount invoice and online payment function is an extension I've seen a number of people request/suggest, but no one has apparently taken it on yet to add to Woo. Is there a technical reason why it isn't feasible in WooCommerce?

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The 'Name Your Price' plugin adds the ability for a user to manually select the amount they want to pay - could be used for this purpose.

    We're just trying to do something very similar now with the plugin.

    Just working out if there is a way for the customer to add comments to say what the payment is for (or an invoice number) alongside their payment amount.

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