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Same end price despite of different VAT settings per country

I am sending products from our German and our Spanish dependance. In one case I have to add 7%, in the other I have to add 10% of VAT to the end price. BUT I want the end price to be the same among all countries, independent of VAT

Bascially, I would like to add on the single product page the "incl. x% VAT". I want the percentage to be in accordance with the language, while the product price is always the same.

For example, in the German store it should read:
Price: 99 €, inkl. 7% reduzierte MwSt.

The Spanish shop would read:
Precio: 99€, incl. 10% IVA reducido.

When adding to the cart, the Spanish would see: net price 90+9€ VAT, while the Germans see 92,92+6,08€ MwSt.

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  • Marc commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Val,

    I have the same requirement. Did you find a solution for that?


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