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BtoB: proper EU VAT rules extension virtual goods

Hi, for EU B2B virtual goods a lot of tweaks are necessary to use woocommerce or woocommerce subscribtion when selling also to B2C

When making a extension with all proper tax classes (now everyone has to find out the wheel again, search all EU iso codes ( the right formated ones) makes the tax classses buy the extension to collect and verify the right VAT, and the modify the checkout form.

Company / 'shop base country' / valid VAT= add 'shop base country'% VAT
Company / EU but not 'shop base country'/ valid VAT= don't add 'shop base country'% VAT
Individual / EU = add 'shop base country'% VAT
Individual / outside EU = no VAT

The checkout form should first ask if the shopper is an individual or company and only show the vat field to a company.

I have to make now a product variable with different tax rule to make this happen right now to show the right tax rule?

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