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Age Verification

It would be great when a plugin becomes available that allows me to verify the age of potential clients on both product pages and category pages.

For an online grocery store I need to verify the age of clients willing to visit (and hopefully buy) products that contain alcohol. So far I have not discovered any WP or Woocommerce plugin that allows me to do so.

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  • Luke Marshall commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There are a lot of simple ask and confirm type options for this, but at the end of the day if it Actually matters to you the the user is of legal age then none of them are worth much. Living in Canada there currently is only one way to ensure you have done Due Diligence which is to use Canada Post to require ID upon Delivery. This doesn't help much in the site I know. but at the moment from what I know there is nothing available that would absolve you of any responsibility no questions asked.
    So as this is a nuanced challenge the question becomes due diligence and the ability to prove its been used to a respectable extent. ANd here is where I wish to add to your question.
    Are there are any known OAuth plugins that can check age via social media login integrations?
    Or possibly banking or government APIs that could be called?
    I heard England is about to lock down adult sites to minors, how are they implementing that verification?
    Can it be modeled in a manner that could be used by commercial entities?

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