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EU VAT Number 2.0.0: This is a B2B tool, so keep the B2B functions!

EU VAT Number is a B2B thing, and the extension "EU VAT Number" used to be a B2B tool. So keep the B2B functions! WooThemes has repurposed the tool to meet the needs of B2C service providers that makes it less useful to B2B.

In the new version of the plugin, WooThemes has added a great function (reject orders when no valid EU VAT No. is provided) that gives us B2B service providers finally control to accept only B2B orders from EU businesses.

But they have also removed an essential function. The former extension version distinguished between:
A) Show field for base country: ( ) Show the VAT field even when the customer is in your base country
B) Deduct VAT for base country: ( ) Deduct the VAT even when the customer is in your base country and has a valid number
Please KEEP this setting, it is essential for the purpose to target solely B2B clients but calculate the VAT properly for customers in the base country.

The new function to validate the IP address against the indicated billing address is interesting and should not be applied to digital goods only.

What B2B service providers servicing one or several countries in the EU need is:
- force all clients, even from the base country, to indicate a valid EU VAT No.
- calculate VAT for clients from base country, deduct VAT for clients from other EU countries
- validate customer IP against billing address in all cases, and prompt to self-declaration, if they do not match, also for non-digital goods set to "standard tax"

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  • Simon Watson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We also have a requirement from business customers based in the EU. Business to Business transactions on physical goods within the EU do not have include VAT if both business are VAT registered. So rather than adding the VAT to the cost of the transaction and then have to claim it back from the appropriate government at a later date, VAT can simply be removed.

    The EU VAT plugin allows us to do just this in its current format.

    There is an option in the admin area to allow for increased checking, so not only does the customer's country that they enter in the billing address section have to match the VAT number, their IP address also has to be based in the country as well. If not they have to "self-declare" that they are indeed in that country.

    However the option only works for digital goods.

    To make the plugin even more useful to other businesses selling VAT liable products in the EU, it would be really cool if this option for the digital goods was duplicated and could be applied to physical goods as well.

    I would imagine it would require only a very small change in the coding and it would make the plugin much more useful to many more people.

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