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Business owners are more than likely inclined on how well their products are doing during a given time frame. So, I propose having a detailed sales report export - given a time frame - to be added to the Reports section of the WooCommerce plugin.

Basically, a rundown of how many sales each individual product has, the amount of revenue it produced, etc.

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  • Jane commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The ability to export unit, cost and turnover sales by product code/category in a given date range would be really, really useful. Without it, sales reporting from Woo Commerce is long winded and time consuming, so this is a really urgent development.

    All the data is in the system - we just need to be able to get it out more easily!!

  • Lori commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I went to run my first report today after getting some sales... WC really fell flat. Charts and graphs are nice, but these are only an overview at best. As others have commented, I simply assumed that more robust reporting would be included in an ecommerce solution like WC.

    The export function is a step in the right direction, but it's still extremely limited in the amount of data it produces.

    I would like to see an export of all product sales (or all sales in a certain category). Having to manually search for each product and exporting a CSV to get any real data is ridiculously cumbersome. This sales report should allow a given time period, then broken down by category, then broken down by product. Within that product, a breakdown of the original price and the price after sales/discounts/coupons for each purchase. Right now the best I can get is a total dollar amount per day. I have no idea how much each person paid, whether they used a coupon, what the original price was...

    I am really disappointed and frustrated at the lack of any real reporting here. Multiple threads have asked for more robust reporting. Each has been marked "completed" -- and people are still asking for improvement... this has me wondering if I should start looking for a new ecommerce solution. :-(

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