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RMA system for multivendor

as you probably know everyone is trying to develop multi vendor solutions for wordpress. They exist very nicely in many different platforms but to wordpress it is relatively new. There is one feature in particular that they lack and has to be developed and so maybe you can make a plugin for it. You already have a plugin for returns so all it would take is a little modification and you will perhaps get hundreds of sells if you market if on all multi vendor blogs.
I will explain it as follows.
When the customer wants a refund, usually it is simple. he can fill out a form and the admin receives it and handles it. However, by multivendor it is more complicated since it needs to go to the right vendor.
I suggest as follows.
1. When the customer logs into to his account he will see all his orders. Next to every item on his order should be a button that says "request return or exchange". when he clicks it a box will open for him to fill out the reason for his request.
2. After the customer requests return, the correct vendor and admin should receive a notice on his dashboard and email.
3. The vendor now has a choice to click "approve" or "decline". When he pushes it, the admin and customer will receive a notice on their dashboards. The admin now will have to process the return however he wants. ( the best way would be if he could click a button that says "refund now" and it will automatically take money from the proper paypal account and put it in the vendors account. but of course this is not necessary)
4. There is one more thing. The vendor and admin should have a folder on their menu that is called "returns" where he could see all return request and their status. This is to make it organized and documented for further reference.
Let me know what you think and if it is possible

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