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Add (optional) support for cart and checkout on the same page

WooCommerce should have an option to merge the cart and checkout into the same page.

This is not the same that WooCommerce One Page Checkout plugin does, neither is a redirect/skip from cart to checkout.

This would an option, that the store owner could choose to activate or not, to have the checkout process all on the same page:
- Cart review and manipulation (preferably using Ajax)
- Billing details
- Shipping details
- Shipping method
- Payment

The shipment and payment options should be refreshed every time the cart is manipulated, etc... Bottom line: it should work 100% integrated.

This would, theoretically, improve the conversion rate because it's one less step for the final client.

I've done this for a client website but it's way too problematic to do with the lack of support from the core. I also see this issue popping up more and more on Facebook groups and forums.

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