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pre-order, memberships, and subscriptions for marketing ideas

I am marketing expert, after several days study on your plugin of pre-order, memberships, and subscriptions, here are some ideas.

1.Firstly, if Pre-order is disabled, the countdown for release can still be displayed by Admin setting?

2.If countdown is enabled for opening for sale or products release, "add to cart" is disable or hided, and there still should be several option for Admin choice:

—Variable Membership Priority: Customers with membership should have priority to make an order with one chance and periodical valid CAPTCHA related specific product without waiting for release countdown of opening sale, even with some discount. Although, for hungry marketing purpose, the CAPTCHA should be set for only one chance valid or optional for admin customizing. The difference of making order between membership and common Users is that we guarantee that the membership can make an order before release, but the common users can only make an order by subscription before release and waiting for availability to make an order, and once the products is out of stock, the webpage will show to the common users: “Sold out, please make subscription for next”.

-- Subscription for Next making an order:
The most important meaning of subscriptions for store Admin is that he can know how manny products should be stocked in advance, and whether the pricing is right by subscription response from customers.

—Subscription for notification(optional): Under countdown line of opening sales, there should be an SMS notification subscription(not email notification), so that we can inform customers X minutes in advance before countdown for release of opening sales , and the SMS API should be open to Admin so that it can be setting to flexibly suit for cell phone operators from different countries or area.

--Subscription or booking for next time release: If the customer miss the opportunity to buy this time, there will show "product sold", and customer can make a subscription for next time by one click.

-- Only the customers who made a subscription can make an order or click the button of "Add to cart" next time once availability.

--Pre-oder: For common users, during the countdown for release, they have an chance to make an pre-order by free, X percent of the price, or full price optional settings for Admin custom choice, but they have to waiting for longtime before availability.

In General, there should be several button displayed: countdown for availability, Membership CAPTCHA, Subscription for next making an order once out to stock, Pre-order.

Maybe I misunderstand your plugins document description, can we do as the above even by mixture using your several plugins now( even no SMS CAPTCHA and SMS notification is ok) ? if yes, please let me know, thanks a lot.

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