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I love the idea to have a place for students to ask instructors questions. What I would like to see is a "Q/A" section for each module or lesson (depending on how you want to do your Q/A).

This QA section would allow students to post questions and vote up questions if they have similar questions. The students should be able to post test, images (upload), videos (vimeo, youtube), .pdf, .doc, .pages, or whatever you want to allow them to upload.

There should be an option to allow students to answer other student questions or only allow instructors to answer questions.

Instructors should be able to answer the question with text, image (upload), video (youtube, vimeo), or webcam capture direct from the browser.

Of course they should still have the ability to ask private questions if the instructor wishes for them to have that ability.

Many of our courses have multiple instructors or one instructor and then others who are in charge of answering questions (co-instructors). You should be able to assign instructor(s) to each course. This should not be a WP role as I need to assign different roles for different reasons other than Sensei capabilities.

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    We would like to incorporate a one-to-one live lecture as well as allow the student to upload or download course material while we speak to them over the internet. The one-to-one live lecture must show a schedule to book the lecturers time as well. Once they schedule the time, the lecturer has spoken to them on a one-to-one bases wether in skype or a video chat plugin they then can only submit that the lesson is complete if the lecturer gives go ahead. Is this possible?

  • BethKO commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would like the student to be able to upload the question via, picture, audio, image, video. This would then go to a cloud, or email directly to the instructor covering, to answer the question in real time or close to that.

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