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Import lesson comments to bbpress Form => Topic

Now that we have Buddypress integration (yay!), the final step is to kick-start those empty forums with the discussion already posted by students to existing Sensei lessons.

I've tried a plugin called "bbPress Post Topics" which works beautifully for blog posts. It creates a new "topic" for any post in a forum of your choice, then converts all post comments to "replies" in that forum topic.

It even allows for the appropriate topic to replace the default WP comments system at the end of each post.

The trouble is, it doesn't appear to work with Sensei lessons, I'm guessing because they're an unsupported post type (?).

Some way to accomplish this would be grand. As I alluded to above, the downside of launching new forums is that they start off so... empty. Leveraging existing discussions to "fill out" the new forum system would make a better first impression on new students.

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    I think I may have found a fix for this. With the plugin active, add the following code to functions.php:

    // add custom post_types to bbpress topics for posts plugin
    add_filter( 'bbppt_eligible_post_types', 'bbppt_add_post_types');
    function bbppt_add_post_types ($content) {
    array_push($content, 'lesson'); // add extra post_types here
    return $content;

    Then enable the "Use a bbPress forum topic for comments on this post." setting in the "Discussions" section in the backend of each lesson.

    Also enable the "Copy post tags to new topic" setting.

    Seems to work...

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