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Assign Learners to Teachers

Is there anyway to assign learners to teachers? I will have a set of teachers that will cover a defined set of students, while the students go through multiple lessons.

Teacher A will have student group A and teacher B will have student group B, but both students may go through the same lesson at the same time. I was wondering if there was a simple way to assign the teachers to the students so that grading is easier.

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  • Isa A commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    ensei improperly conflates "teacher" and "author". A teacher may indeed be a course or lesson author. But an author may not be the teacher. And a successful school may have multiple teachers for one course.

    The idea that a course is ONLY taught by one teacher is very SMALL thinking. A really successful online course may have too many students for one teacher. What if teachers are part-time and handle only a dozen students?

    Also, why assume that one teacher authors an online course? A big advantage of online courses is STANDARDIZED material. Our school currently has all material authored by a course developer who controls quality and records vids. Others work with students. I can also imagine a scenario where multiple persons would author a course/lessons that are then taught by one or more different teachers.

    So yes, please decouple the idea in your code that the teacher is the author. Allow us to maintain a table of teachers who are assigned courses and students. Or just make a teacher field for each course/student. Then I can use the SENSEI student-teacher functions like messaging and grading.

  • Marcus Turner commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This would make Sensei Awesome. I have a site with multiple teachers and they look after their own students who are doing my single course. But with me as the only teacher assignable it makes it difficult for me to grade all.

    Another alternative is to be able to assign multiple and not just one. This way they can see all learners but they only need to grade their own. This also allows for students to have access to any instructor to answer their questions via contact teacher messaging.

    The sooner this is an option the better.

    Thank you

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