1. Add option for save data as array

  2. Member meta data shortcode  ·  declined

  3. It would be great that in the customizer's woocommerce setting you could add a responsive number of columns (see

  4. Action hooks on product data tabs.  ·  needs research

  5. Create Custom Orders Table

  6. I'd like to see a plug for MYOB Advanced so we can sell through WooCommerce without manually entering data

  7. Treat Sale as Discount (Show "Regular price – Sale price = Discount" in checkout and order data)  ·  declined

  8. Dynamic Pricing Admin Product Data tab icon

  9. Recaptcha to prevent creation of spam wishlists

  10. Product Meta Data assigned to each order have its own column in the spreadsheet

  11. WooCommerce Bookings integration: include data attributes in filter

  12. Design/build/display web pages based on customer data (tags)

  13. Can user data be manipulated by an Admin to show that a user has passed a course for users migrating from another LMS?  ·  declined

  14. Responsive Admin Columns

  15. I'd really, really, really appreciate a better way of getting the data out of Sensei regarding what my learners have done. I need to send th  ·  completed

  16. Add support for custom post types in addition to "posts"  ·  declined

  17. Persistent Session Data

  18. Software licenses that are feature based

  19. Write the WooCommerce transient data to a prefix_woocommerce_transientdata table instead of prefix_options. Make sure the table is innodb.  ·  declined

  20. Filter product attribute

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