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    I have woocurve plugin but before anyone gets it you must mention that you cant use it for paypal which is a huge drawback. For paypal you require to contact paypal and get them to activate reference transactions function. However, when I contacted them, I got this response:

    Dear customer,
    Thank you for contacting PayPal regarding your interest in applying for the Reference Transactions feature.
    Just a bit of information on this feature. If merchants need to recharge a credit card and they are not storing the credit card information in their local database, they can perform a reference transaction.
    A reference transaction takes the existing credit card information that is on file and reuses it to generate a new transaction.
    Reference transactions are read-only operations, and only the new transaction is populated with data and acted upon. In the same way, no link is maintained between the reference transaction and the new transaction once this is completed.
    When a transaction is completed, and if the merchant is eligible for this, the transaction details page will display a new link to create a new transaction.
    Reference Transactions is not enabled automatically for all merchants, but it needs to be approved and enabled on a one-by-one basis. Before we can approve a merchant to use this feature, the merchant will need to meet the following requirements:
    1. Have been successfully underwritten.
    2. Be a first class merchant processing at least $30K per month
    3. Have a solid rationale as to why they’re requesting reference transaction applied to his business model and payment flow. The merchant needs to demonstrate a legitimate business need or requirement for Reference Transaction functionality.
    In view of the foregoing, you are you in a position to provide the following to PayPal?
    - Total online Volume
    - PayPal Share of your online volume
    - Average transaction price
    - Business rationale as to why you are applying for reference transactions
    - A link to the sign up flow for services on your website (by customers)
    - A link to the T&Cs where customers can review the terms regarding reference transactions and the cancellation policy surrounding them
    - P&L accounts for the last two years
    - Balance sheets for the last two years.
    May I also request that you complete the attached form? Kindly download and complete it and thereafter upload the completed form to your PayPal Account by taking the following steps:
    I am assuming, of course, that the document in question is now scanned and saved to your computer. If so, please proceed to take the following steps in order to successfully upload same document(s) directly to your PayPal Account.
    1. Open a web browser and log into your PayPal Account; now open another browser window tab and type into its address window.
    2. Hit the “Enter” key on your computer’s keyboard
    3. This should take you straight to the document upload page of your PayPal Account (but if you are required to log into your PayPal again, please do).
    5. On this page, click ‘Browse’ to find the scanned document on your computer.
    6. Once you have found the file, fill in the required fields:
    -Give the file a title
    -Select a type of evidence from the drop down menu
    Enter a description
    7. Now click ‘Attach this file’
    Kindly note the following:
    * The name given should include no more than 3 numbers.
    * You can provide a description of the file you are sending, up to 100 characters.
    * Information that you upload appears in the Attachments box. You can preview the file or delete it from there.
    * You can attach multiple files, up to a total file size of 5000kb.
    7. When all files are uploaded click ‘Send files to PayPal’
    8. Respond to this email to let us know you have submitted the documents
    • Kindly endeavour to convert to gif or jpeg or PDF as Word and other formatted documents sometimes appear blank when opened for review.
    It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal.
    Yours sincerely,
    Business Support Department

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