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    Tony H. commented  · 

    Hey Dan ... yea the plugins add up quick. :-)

    I think i would go far beyond the topic of this forum thread (people do not like hijacked threads) if I list all the things I do. In summary ... its more than just a couple plugins.

    It's more about the overall "flow" and systems that work together but also about usability and a couple other things.

    E.g I have created an in-house plug-in which gives the standard – woo checkout a boost – far beyond what most people can accomplish by using the standard woo as is. The result is staggering numbers I had to check twice, because I couldn't believe them myself.

    Anyhow ... describing it here would be a bit to much - if you are seriously interested just ping me at Skype (webboty).

    Sending you a couple screen-shots (or even screen-share) is much quicker and will also help to make much more sense than me trying to explain it with words.

    But yes - a smart "One Click Upsell" process (OCU) is also part of it.

    Even that far that we can put "one click up-sell links" inside ... E-Mails ... or any other page within the word press environment ... independent from the standard woo checkout. This is also something most plugins ignore ... they are not flexible enough.

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    Tony H. commented  · 

    Hi Dan ... personally I suppose this feature will never be included in the original free WooCommerce Download. Due its advanced character - it will always be either a plugin or ... custom.

    Since there is a huge variety of Payment Gateways, some may not be supported - however there is always the chance to do slight custom modifications.

    So far we have implemented a One click Upsell successfully on many clients websites.
    WHILE even focusing to increase the conversions (more purchases) on the initial checkout page.

    THIS is HUGE!

    Anyhow ... what I am saying, woocommerce is a wonderful e-commerce add-on for wordpress.
    Advanced features may require additional plugins or customizations.

    But it is well worth it.

    E.g. A simple checkout modification by setting a specific focus can increase conversion from 10% of all visitors seeing this page ... to 56% of all visitors that came to this page bought. That is more than 500% lift. That is leverage! So do not be scared going routes outside the official release. "Official" is not always best.

    Hope this helps.
    Cheers Tony

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    Tony H. commented  · 

    Hi Peter, thanks for taking the time and sharing the screenshots. The solution you have posted is PRETTY Good. But most of the time it is NO true one click checkout, as people only get redirected to the checkout form, where they have to hit the Buy Now button again.

    I have modified and improved the plugins to make this work in a true one click checkout style and made it work for credit card processing etc. - unfortunately it is not a solution that is out of the box.

    What credit card processing solution are you using Peter?

    The buy now plugin unfortunately also has a couple other flaws that may cause low conversion rates ...( i fixed a couple flaws of the buy now plugin as well and made it work for info-marketers) for instance clicking the buy now button twice added the product twice as well and did not bother if the ebook/app sold was already added to the cart. There is a workaround for that though.

    I have been tuning and tracking ... this process for months now and implemented it on a couple clients sites ... some with really big launches and great success.

    Talking about up-sells and conversion rates - there is one key element of Woo that makes the process suck - and that is the general checkout page. E.g. the checkout page is not product specific.

    No product related, testimonial, summary etc. can be dynamically displayed in the sidebar - but while fixing the OCU process above I made this dynamic checkout pages work as well. Since then WooCommerce is the BEST WP commerce solution I can think off!

    Part of the greatness of Woo of course is the great community behind as well. :-)

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    Tony H. commented  · 

    Hi guys ... sorry for my delayed reply - i was totally busy and these comments slipped through my inbox.

    I made it work by using 2 additional powerful plugins & by doing some smart modifications to some of the plugins as well.

    To be honest I can't explain it in a comments section, there is just to many steps to set it up initially.
    The beauty however is - once it is set up, no coding is required anymore.

    Currently I only got it to work for PayPal and Stripe - as these are the only payment gateways i use.
    Of course it is possible for others too - bot these have not been my focus yet.

    IF you are interested in these changes for your woocommerce install as well - i am happy to help you - just contact me at skype (webboty).

    I don't have much time as my schedule is already booked out by clients but i am sure we can set up a quick "demo" meeting at least.

    Hope this info helps.


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    Tony H. commented  · 

    I got this to work with woocommerce already. Just in case someone is interested.

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