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    Deb commented  · 

    Right now, after purchase, there's the option to make private content accesible:

    1) inmediately.
    2) after some days/weeks...

    It would be great to have the option to make it accesible:

    3)on an specific date after purchase.
    4)on an specific date but some days/weeks... after purchase.

    I ask for this because I have my online courses in Memberships and I have them programmed so when an user logins goes direct to the first page of the course (So, users skip the default page of Memberships that show a list of which pages are available) and there in the first page (and all pages) they have a menu to navigate through the course.

    When I launch the course all students start at once and content is accesible this way: All pages are accesible inmediately (option 1) but I program them to be published one week after the other. So, when they purchase the course they have the first page accesible but if they navigate through the menu they can't go to the next lessons because pages are not yet published.

    The problem is that this way I have to restrict all students (old and new) the course when I launch it, and sometimes old students are in the middle in the course when this happens (twice a year).

    Also, I've tried option 2 to make accesible every lesson after 1 week after purchase. This way old students can have access to everything but there's something I don't like and it's that new students are not having lessons at the same time.

    So I would like to have old students to have full access and new students have access on a specific date. That's why it would be great to make content accesible on an specific date but depending on when they purchased, the 4 option: on an specific date but some days/weeks... after purchase.


    Deb supported this idea  · 

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