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    Jonathan Ellis commented  · 

    This would be huge!

    To make it a little more powerful, it would be great to set the Monthly date the subscription renews. If a visitor signs up on the 10th, there should be an option to set the subscription to renew on the 1st.

    In this way, we could setup the signup fee to equal the first month and then all subsequent months will be billed on whatever day of the month we specify on the backend.

    For instance, we have a subscription that the cost changes monthly. It's a Whisky club where we ballpark 60-120 per bottle every second month. We get all of the bottles at once and don't really like the idea of shipping out bottles sporadically throughout the month. We reserve staff 1 day to handle all deliveries. And back to the original point, with the varying cost per bottle, it would be fantastic to be able to just update the monthly cost of the subscription to add the difference. We charge $60 flat rate per month and would like to be able to charge the difference (say we acquire an $80 bottle for the Whisky club, it would be ideal to charge the extra $20 really easily) We thought this was functionality that existed within the plugin at the time of purchase - seeing that this is NOT a feature we can use at the moment is quite frustrating.

    If this functionality makes it into a release, please let me know as soon as it's integrated! I'll update asap as my site needs this really bad!

    Thank you much.

    Jonathan Ellis supported this idea  · 

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