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    Ty commented  · 

    Why is this such a hard thing to do? Just provide an option in the subscription products to "Bill on different terms."

    Woo already knows how much the item is, if there are any discounts, and how often it is to be charged based on the subscription product. If the "Bill on different terms" option says "monthly" -- then Woo takes what it already knows, multiplies it by the new terms, and charges a combined payment on that schedule. Update the frontend so the customer knows the schedule they will be charged by. Done.

    Instead we have to go through a costly and majorly convoluted process using AutomateWoo for /each and every product/ in order to accomplish this. Having a weekly or monthly subscription service that bills quarterly or annually (for example) should not be some wildly imaginative outlier, but rather standard expectation for anyone wanting to create a subscription service.

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    Ty commented  · 

    Patrick T — We ended up tracking subscription orders via Google Sheets manually. Woo only manages the initial order, payment, renewals, etc. When a renew order comes through our spreadsheet is updated with all the deliveries for that order and then marked as “completed.”

    We have automated new customers and orders in Woo via Zapier to be inserted into the sheet, but subscription deliveries are still tracked outside of Woo.

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    Ty commented  · 

    @Congruent Dev -- The issue is that, despite woo subscriptions billing themselves as having the capability to sell "magazine" subscriptions, they actually cannot. Think about how that model works. You pay annually, but get mailed something monthly. There is no way to do with with woo or woo subscriptions. You are required to have the same "bill" length as you have "delivery" length.

    We sell produce on subscription, and want to bill monthly, but delivery weekly or bi-weekly. There is no way to do this easily, and not without spending another $100+ on top of a $200 subscriptions plugin for automate woo. Even then, we would need to set up multiple triggers for each product -- that's not tenable.

    The way woo has it now, we would be required to bill weekly, or bi-weekly, if we wanted to deliver on that schedule /and/ have woo faithfully track all the orders. We're not billing our customers that frequently, it's bad form and bad business. This gets more complex if we wanted to offer quarterly or annual subscriptions like a CSA but still deliver weekly or bi-weekly.

    Right now we're forced to use two platforms -- woo subscriptions for taking orders and billing ongoing, and another for tracking subscription deliveries and what we need to produce to fulfill those orders. If you have a solution to this issue we're all ears, but it seems like one is on the horizon, or was, at least, last July.

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    Ty commented  · 

    How many votes are required to make ideas a development priority?

    The last update, July 2019, indicated a short timeline. We are a full 9-months past that date and still this functionality isn't possible in a plugin. The documentation for Woocommerce Subscriptions points to AutomateWoo with the Subscriptions Add-on. Looking at the documentation here:


    Is this the "official" fix or will a plugin still be released as indicated last July?

    Ty supported this idea  · 

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